Solitaire Cecil, Ninth Floor sold for S$51.48 Million to China buyer

Solitaire on Cecil was developed on the old PIL Building’s site by a joint venture of TE Capital Partners with LaSalle Investment Management. Strata Sales began early in last year. By the middle of June, all 15 office floors as well as both restaurant units were sold.

Except for level 6, where the price per square foot was S$3,865.00, all 14 office floors were above S$4,000.00. The highest price was S$4,325 for the penthouse on level 20, which is the most expensive office floor.

The office floors of this 127 metre tall project are mainly either 12,465 sq.ft. or 13,132.ft.

The developer re-listed three floors of the building late last season. The Solitaire on Cecil project’s ninth-floor strata of 12,465 square ft was sold for S$51.48m, or S$4,130/square foot.

The buyer, Singapore-incorporated Long Twinkle Trading, is involved with the wholesale of metals and metal ores. Shanghai Langning Trading Co., with its address in China Pilot Free Trade Zone, is the owner of this company.

Bloomberg says that Shanghai Langning Trade Co, which is a company in the metal industry, manufactures and markets copper, zinc, aluminum and related products.

Long Twinkle Trading, established in November of 2022, has recently entered into a sales and purchase agreement with Solitaire on Cecil for the ninth-floor.

Previous reports stated that the strata offices and retail project has been sold. Late last year, the developer put back three office floors including the ninth.

It is believed that parties from Fujian were involved in the Singapore police investigation of the S$3billion money laundering case.

the chuan park balance units chart

The Business Times believes that level 8 is also 12 465 sq ft and is currently the subject of due diligence from a possible buyer. The strata of level 13 is 13,132 square feet.

Solitaire on Cecil, in its entirety, will feature about 190,000.00 sq ft worth of office space. It will also include two strata units for restaurants. The development’s frontages will be on Cecil Street, and Stanley Street.

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